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Welcome to China Specialist, your Culture and Language Services in Bern, Switzerland - a trustworthy company with many satisfied customers. Your satisfaction is essential for us!
We offer the following services for you:
1. Cross Cultural Training China
2. Translation (English<->Chinese) (German<->Chinese)
3. Consulting (Marketing Research, Project Co-ordination, etc.)
4. Chinese Lessons 


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Jie Tan Spada

China Specialist

Hauensteinweg 7, 3008 Bern, Switzerland

Tel: 0041 78 7836538, 0041 78 8901015, 0041 31 3718882


 About myself


I have lived in Switzerland since 2001, married with a Swiss-Austrian, have two small children.
Chinese: native language
English:  proficiency
German: proficiency
French:  good

1992-1996  Bachelor‘s degree in Scientific English at the University    of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, China
                 One of the Best Students in This Year

2000-2002   MBA in E-business at Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Grenoble, France  

Professional Trainings
Received Certificate of SVEB 1 : trainings for language teacher

Received Certificate of SVEB 2 (Eidgenössischer Fachausweis Ausbilder/in): Swiss Federal Pass of Professional Trainer

Professional Experience 

1996-2000   AT&T, Motorola and IBM, in Quality Management, HR & Admin., Sales Channel Operation

                  Beijing, China
                  Manager Recognition Award in IBM

2001           CS Communications, in Marketing, Grenoble, France              


2001-2006   IBM Zürich Research Lab, Roche and Bayer, 
                  in Marketing, IT Project Management, Regulatory Affairs

                   Rüschlikon, Basel, Switzerland 
                   Best European Students Projects by IBM

                   Completed Roche Leadership Training Program "Impulse"


2006           Started my own company China Specialist


2006-now    numerous success stories of China Specialist 

Customer List

Cross Cultural Training China

for Minister, Head Free Trade Agreements/EFTA, Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, and the
Negotiation Team of the Swiss Federal Departments
for expatriates in Novartis
for expatriates in Roche
for expatriates in Ciba Chemicals
for expatriates in Timken
for Vice President and senior management team in Bayer Consumer Care, Basel
for Executive MBA Program in Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
for University of Zurich
for Chinese delegation in Fachhochschule Nordwest Schweiz
for expatriates in Celgene
for all employees in Jungfraubahnen (seven times)
for CEO and senior management team in Beverage Partners Worldwide (JV of Coca Cola & Nestle)
for senior management team in watch company mb-microtec
for manager in Mettler Toledo
for hotels, restaurants, and shops in Bern organised by Six Payment Services (two times)
for Berner Fachhochschule Architektur
for Rhätische Bahn (four times)

      for Männlichen Bahn

for Siegfried AG

for Oetiker

Zürcher Kantonalbank
Greater Zurich Area AG
Schaerer Medical AG
Bayer Consumer Care, Basel
Historical Museum, Bern
University of Applied Sciences Bern
Soziale Abteilung in Kanton Zürich
Court Balstal
Court Solothurn
Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce
Bern Tourism Office
China MedCare
Historic Museum of Bern

Schloss Spiez

Consulting and Project Management
Bayer Consumer Care

Schaerer Medical
Christ Uhren und Schmuck
aha! Schweizerisches Zentrum für Allergie, Haut und Asthma
Luzern Tourismus
Tourism Office Lake Geneva Region
Schloss Spiez

Chinese Lessons
Bayer Consumer Care, Basel
Gondelbahn Grindelwald-Männlichen
German-French Grammar School, Biel
Freies Gymnasium Bern
Primary schools Olten
Migros Klubschule Olten
Migros Klubschule Bern
Volkshochschule Olten
Volksschuleschule Thun
Tang Ren Chinese School, Basel
Primary school Bern
Author of Chinese Language Learning Book
China Mobile for PONS in 2007/2008
Powerkurs für Anfänger Chinesisch for PONS in 2008/2009